Any startup should firmly believe in product / service iterations as per consumer needs, the very reason why we have left this website incomplete. This is an enabler for entrepreneurs like you. Do take the liberty to join in and help us develop this as per your needs. The more inputs we get, the better. The objective is to make this the most useful "Enabler for Startups". 

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Is your startup close to your heart?


Of course! When you are looking forward to put a business in motion with all your passion, skills and experience, it comes with a lot of hopes, dreams and ambitions, which may not be solely yours. This is where you are putting all your eggs in a singular basket, without which, success will remain a dream. We understand that internal passion since we have been there and done that! The intention is to back you up all the way, you go ahead and focus on what you want to achieve and we will always be right behind with all the tweaks you may need.


You have a great MV product / service but what is the way ahead with marketing? Do you have the right marketing strategy in place?


Unable to find the right tools or the tools are very expensive for testing? Business analytics, statistics and metrics seem confusing?


Do not have business experience? Trying to find "the" mentor who can steer you towards becoming a unicorn step-by-step?


Have a great team but looking for soft-skill, leadership or motivational training that can take their performance to the next level?

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Startup Process


The understanding here is that a startup always begins with an idea - be it a product or a service. Then comes a thought process that defines the viability in the market, followed by building the MV product or the service. This in itself takes a lot of innovation, time and resources. The next step is to test the product or service and take it to the market segment. Initial client feedback, iterations or modifications in the product or service follow. The cycle of consumer testing and iterations to product or service in never-ending. But once it gets to a stage where the basic acceptability is proven, it is time to take it to the larger market, which again involves formation of a legal entity (business), teaming it up with the right people. Now comes the challenge of marketing and sales. Once this part is tested, you get to the growth phase wherein the stakes are very high and involves a lot of money and resources.


The all important factor and objective here is that a dreamer turns into an entrepreneur.



This would hardly need a thought. An entrepreneur could be highly educated and has a fantastic idea that fulfills an existing need, however, the process as above, is not an easy path to walk. The reason is not everyone knows everything, an entrepreneur is a "jack of all trades". A lot, yes, a lot comes in the way. An entrepreneur would need a lot of knowledge, resources, tools, advice (mentoring), consulting, training, motivation, services and of course analytics that will actually drive the process to its logical conclusion. 


That being taken care of, what would a startup need in terms of creating, building, growing a business and making it large enough. Of course, there are numerous examples of businesses being born in garages, coffee cafes and private drawing rooms.


Where, in such a case, will an entrepreneur find all these under a single roof?

Startup Essentials is just the vehicle (you could call it a "startup enabler") an entrepreneur would need. Growth-hacking and market monetization can be learnt, we here intend to teach you execution. Around here, we have ensured that most requirements are in place, however if you see something missing do email us quickly. We will make sure that, if the requirement is an essential, it is offered.